Special Gifts

If you would like to acquire the naming rights to any of the following features, please contact us at donations@lutherparkcommunity.org or by phone at (515) 262-5639.


Luther Park Community’s new addition of fireplaces were built in 2014 for our residents at Trinity Center.  A fireplace creates a radiant and peaceful ambiance like a land of fairy tales.  Imagine the comfort and the warm feeling of home that a fireplace will bring to our residents and families to gather around.

Water Features

Luther Park Community residents will enjoy the relaxing sounds of the water and the calmness of a place to gather for conversation with families, friends, and love ones.  Water features, in general, have been a part of public and private gardens since ancient Persian gardens and Chinese gardens.   We invite you to join us with bringing the outdoors inside to our residents.

Second Floor Water Feature
Sponsorship Donation of $10,000
Placement of Signage on/by Water Feature

Click here to view a PDF of all of our Special Gift placements, including the Water Feature.

Please contact us at donations@lutherparkcommunity.org or at 515-262-5639, for more information.